Tales from MV OSAYAME
(65Ton ASD Terminal Tug)

I was commissioned in February, 2010 and celebrated across Nigeria as the 1st Nigerian Content compliant Vessel to have premiered the Nigeria Offshore Industry, a wholly indigenous vessel with 100% Nigeria competent crew. I began working for Total E & P Nigeria Limited at FSO Unity in 2010 and after one year by February 2011, the celebration within and outside the country followed for achieving a one year record of Zero-Down-Time and Zero Lost-Time-Injury operation. Till date, the record of Zero Lost-Time-Injury operations has been sustained. Thanks to best Nigerian crew ever and ashore support team.

Tales from MV OSARUGUE
Former MV Varada Queen (Dp1 ASD 92Ton Anchor Handling Tug)

I was built in 2011 and worked for Fugro Rue during a calm buoy operation in Nigeria. I have also worked with Total Upstream Nigeria Limited and Exxon Mobile at USAN FPSO from June, 2013 till date with all Nigerian crew and a record of Zero-Down-Time and Zero Lost-Time Injury operations. I intend to keep this record because I have the best team on board and ashore.

Tales from MV OSAMEDE
(New Built Damen FCS 3307 Patrol Vessel)

I am a Fast Crew Supplier 3307 Ballistics Proof Patrol vessel with a modern high-speed of standard design, also built by DAMEN Shipyard. I would be working at Exxon Mobile offshore field-Ofon with an all Nigerian crew in partnership with the Nigerian Navy on board, I am well suited for various services (amongst others) such as; Securing economic waters, Safety Patrol, Search and Rescue.
I began operations in the first quarter of 2016 and I look forward to a record of Zero Down-Time and Zero Lost-Time-Injury Operation.

Tales from MV OSANYAMO
(New Built 90Ton BP ASD Terminal Tug)

After a very competitive Bid, Starzs won the contract for the provision of new build 90Ton BP Terminal Tug for Total E&P Nigeria to support FSO Unity operations for a duration of 5 years. This resulted in the birth of MV Osanyamo a State-of-The-Art ASD 90T BP Terminal Tug built by one of world’s foremost Shipyards-DAMEN. I would begin operations in the last quarter of 2016 and I look forward to a record of Zero Down-Time and Zero Lost-Time-Injury Operations. I absolutely can’t wait to join the fleet.