The Launching of the Starzs ASD Tug MV Osayame in Cape Town South Africa

On 2nd September, 2009, Damen Shipyards Cape Town successfully launched a 3211 ASD Tug built in its Shipyard. It is the first privately owned ship to be put into service in Nigeria and its owner Mr. Greg Ogbeifun, CEO of Starzs Investments Company was on hand to observe the tricky move of his unusual cargo. The “Osayame” will proudly bear the name of Greg’s two-year-old daughter, which means “God’s Gift” in the Nigerian tongue.

Phase 1 of the vessel’s construction was completed on 2nd September, 2009, when heavyweight transport specialists ALE were tasked with the transporting of one of the largest and the heaviest vessels to be moved by road to the synchro-lift in Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront. From here it was lowered into the water on 4th September to the cheers of anxious Shipyard staff and the watchful eye of its beaming owner whose 14-month process was brought to test by this crucial moment. The Osayame more than proved her builders proud by holding her own and floated majestically to a rising Cape tide.

The Osayame has a gross weight of 380 tons. The vessel has an ASD self-propulsion system capable of turning its 32m length and nearly 12m beam a full 360 degrees on its own axis. The rudderless propulsion system means the tug has complete freedom in choosing where to place its 60 ton pushing power.

The Tug’s mast and final fitment is taking place at Cape Town’s quay 500 as the vessel was too large to be completed in its construction yard. Once this is done the vessel will commence with its sea trials after which it will be officially handed over and christened by Mr. Ogbeifun’s lady sponsor at a ceremony to be held on 9th October, 2009.

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